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Synonyms for edited

improved or corrected by critical editing


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When Race Becomes Real edited by Bernestine Singley
Lifetime Career Achievement Awards went to veteran editors George Watters and Antony Gibbs, who also took home an Eddie for his work on ``James Dean'' (best edited motion picture for noncommercial television).
Because this mRNA must be edited before it can get translated into proteins, the editing step essentially regulates protein synthesis, Simpson suggests.
Freedom's Odyssey: African American History Essays from Phylon edited by Alexa Benson Henderson and Janice Sumler-Edmond Clark Atlanta University Press, 1999, $37.
These benefits combined with Ulead's software give consumers what they need to successfully capture memories and transform them into edited movies and photos.
Each partition includes the data from the entire master design prior to the split, but only elements within each partition may be edited from that partition.
Media stored on the Omneon server for broadcast can be directly edited using the Fastrack, resulting in an overall increase in production efficiency.
Videos can be edited and burned to the same DVD-RAM disc up to 100,000 times without loss of quality.
Oneal, an expert in compositing, special effects and motion tracking, has edited spots for Lincoln-Mercury, Taco Bell, Jenny Craig, the LA Times and IHOP as well as a long list of TV shows, including "Friends" and "Talk Soup.
Captured video and audio content can then be edited non-destructively in real-time and include powerful video effects, customizable transitions, titles, still picture and video pan and scan, DirectX plug-ins for audio processing and effects, streaming media content creation and more.