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Synonyms for edited

improved or corrected by critical editing


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When Race Becomes Real edited by Bernestine Singley
Lifetime Career Achievement Awards went to veteran editors George Watters and Antony Gibbs, who also took home an Eddie for his work on ``James Dean'' (best edited motion picture for noncommercial television).
Educators can view carefully edited video case studies as an invitation to dialogue about teaching practices and learn new classroom strategies.
Because this mRNA must be edited before it can get translated into proteins, the editing step essentially regulates protein synthesis, Simpson suggests.
Contemporary Black Men's Fiction and Drama edited by Keith Clark University of Illinois Press, 2001, $35 ISBN 0-252-02676-4
Comprising material from White Papers edited within the working expert groups as well as those from the Vision Committee of WWRF, a top-down approach has been adopted starting from perceived users requirements and their expectations in the Future Wireless World.
Fully transparent to users, Smart Proxy automatically converts HD video to smaller-sized proxy files that can be edited in real-time on less-powerful computers.
Because of its multi-platform support, LightZone users will be able to quickly become productive, regardless of their computer's operating system, and seamlessly collaborate and share files edited in LightZone.
DataViz' unique InTact Technology is built-in to provide complete original document integrity when Microsoft Office files are edited by users on the smartphone.
Composited sequences then appear in the MediaStudio Pro 8 timeline as virtual clips that can be opened and further edited to conform to the style of the production.