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Synonyms for edit

Synonyms for edit

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

supervise the publication of

cut and assemble the components of

cut or eliminate

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3D Edit Mode : Achieve 3D element positioning using just mouse and key combinations.
Site developers now have the ability to add configurations for multiple fields in one step, a new menu to easily access hidden fields, the Quick Stats that display key field info without going into edit mode, and much more.
Other features include: note reports that provide quick, printable references for improved content management; enhanced "move to" and "size to" actions give users the ability to animate objects within Lectora; enhanced edit mode navigation; new object search function; and, an enhanced custom color palette.
Dynamic Video Editing Tools: Access interactive, powerful timeline trimming with the Expanded Edit mode.
A new Guided Edit mode helps walk users through the steps of improving a photo.
7; Expanded Edit mode, for fine-tuning the timing of a project using an interactive "A-B roll" paradigm; Color Match , for quickly matching the color characteristics of different video clips; and Smart Proxy editing, which automatically and dynamically replaces clips on the timeline with high-quality, edit-friendly HD proxies.
We also believe that the new Live Edit mode will be a lot of help for web developers looking to boost their coding productivity.
Users can choose from existing revenue/income categories, like food, entertainment, transportation and electronics, or customize their own in the edit mode.
Edit Mode & Document Filter * Take notes on web pages with frequently-used editing tools or modify article titles or summaries for easy retrieval later on.
The navigation mode displays a grey background while the edit mode displays a white background.
The full Edit Mode allows users to design and organize their own dashboards using an easy drag-and-drop interface, while the Dashboard mode is a read-only display that cannot be changed by the user.
A deep Edit Mode lets budding artists create their own customized pieces for play or trade with friends.