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instructed and encouraged in moral, intellectual, and spiritual improvement

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Having at length finished his laboured harangue, with which the audience, though it had greatly raised their attention and admiration, were not much edified, as they really understood not a single syllable of all he had said, he proceeded to business, which he was more expeditious in finishing, than he had been in beginning.
Oh, Christopher, how have I been edified this night
Topsy, with great gravity and adroitness, went through the exercise completely to Miss Ophelia's satisfaction; smoothing the sheets, patting out every wrinkle, and exhibiting, through the whole process, a gravity and seriousness with which her instructress was greatly edified.
For years, we have enjoyed and been edified by your fine publication.
There is every reason why you should come out of the movie feeling uplifted, inspired, even edified.