edible snail

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one of the chief edible snails

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I had thought that the edible snail might be a separate breed, but, no, they are plucked from the hedgebacks and laired on sawdust for a time to cleanse the internals.
According to Pagulayan [9], these snails were held responsible in replacing the native edible snail, Pila conica, in Luzon.
And another, who wanted to set up a snail farm, asked Business Shop staff how many different kinds of edible snail there were.
To get by, he worked on farms after school, and would collect edible snails in the river and to boil them with lemon grass for the family's meal.
Other food is taro, edible snails, water chestnuts and round fruits.
BEST reason yet for giving up dairy farming and filling empty byres with racks of edible snails bound for continental markets?
POLICE are on the slimy trail of a gang of slippery poachers who have stolen thousands of edible snails.