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Australia's mediterraneans have many more genera of the Proteaceae, such as Telopea, Hakea or the famous Macadamia integrifolia, which produces an fatty edible nut, the Macadamia or Queensland nut, that is highly appreciated--which is why it is grown on a large scale both in Australia and Hawaii.
The Combined Edible Nut Trade Association (CENTA) (62 Wilson Street, London EC2A 2BU, fax (071)782-0939) has compiled and published rules and regulations affecting the trade in edible nuts undertaken by its members.
Commercially it is now too risky to import them,' said Peter Morgan, chairman of the Combined Edible Nut Trade Association.
COMMODITIES supplier Olam International announced on Dec 1 it has completed the sale of its 5,100 acre (around 2,100 hectares) Edible Nuts orchards to Farmland Partners Inc (FPI) for US$110 million in cash.
All Castanea species have edible nuts within a very spiny, distinctive burr or husk containing one or more glossy-shelled, mahogany-colored, sweet, starchy nuts, and the burrs will break open when the nuts are ripe.
Camellia's agriculture and horticulture division is engaged in the production of tea, edible nuts (macadamias, pistachios and almonds), citrus fruits, avocado, rubber, forestry, viticulture, cattle, other horticultural produce and general farming (maize and soya).
Peshawar is famous for different kinds of fresh and tasty dried fruits, edible nuts market.
It is such a wonderful species--the beautiful smooth bark, edible nuts, bright papery leaves--and it lives hundreds of years
Out of the more than 100 different species of Pinus that exist worldwide only 29 species generate edible nuts according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO 1995 and 1998).
During the events, the QCVA provided tissue bags, edible nuts and seeds to children.
White assured the Examiner that the product, mostly comprising of edible nuts, would not be marketed to children as his client only intended to sell it in pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.
The company started out in cocoa and evolved into other commodities such as spices, edible nuts and coffee.
PRIZED FOR ITS wood and edible nuts, the American chestnut tree once towered prominently over Lake Erie's northern shore.
Unless some naturally blight-resistant American chestnut trees are found hidden in an eastern forest (many people have been looking), native chestnuts would grow into timber-size specimens with good edible nuts only in areas in the Midwest and West that have been shielded from the spread of chestnut blight.