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oily or greasy matter making up the bulk of fatty tissue in animals and in seeds and other plant tissue

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Findings revealed that due to increase in total food expenditure, the expenditures on butter, margarine and vegetable oils, olive oils and other edible fats also increase.
Effect of fluorescent light on quality and stability of edible fats and oils.
TimCo opened its edible fat processing plant in the South Dumfries Industrial Park in 2011.
The production capacity of the company's edible fat and oil plants was expanded from 34,000 tonnes in 1990 to 45,000 tonnes in 1991 and to 80,000 in 1994 capacity capacity of detergents and personal products increased from 36,542 tonnes in 1990 to 45,950 tonnes in 1991 and to 53,040 tonnes in 1994.
Edible Fats & Oil 80,000 45,995 50,529 56,012 63,747
Standard for edible fats and oils not covered by individual standards.
Microparticles can be produced from edible fats by supercritical melt micronization, in which liquid materials are micronized under high pressure.
Among the main imported items in 2013 were live animals, vegetables, fats and edible fats, oil, prepared foodstuff, mineral products, plastic and chemical products, cars, machinery and fuel oil.
edible fats and oils segment in recent years, global market researcher Mintel reveals in its August 2013 report, "Butter, Margarine and Oils -- US.
Veronika Somoza studied four different edible fats and oils: Lard, butterfat, rapeseed oil and olive oil.
23 May 2012 a[euro]" US agribusiness group Cargill Inc has again offered to buy the edible fats and oils operations of Australian food ingredients producer Goodman Fielder Ltd (ASX:GFF), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said on Wednesday.
Neither the Codex Standard for Edible Fats and Oils nor the Codex Standard for Named Animal Fats adequately cover the specific nature of oils from fish and shellfish.
In addition, EPA says it disagrees with those who believe that edible fats and oils pose minimal environmental risks.
Rancidity in Edible Fats, Chemical publishing, Food Investigation Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, London, Special report 46: 106-110 (1939)
The unit serves the local markets for edible fats and dairy products.