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any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae used for food

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First, they had to determine if they could grow a quality, edible bean with market potential before they could seek additional resources or capital investment.
Moreover, researchers regularly release new varieties of snap and dry edible beans and share dry bean breeding methodologies and findings with the domestic and international dry bean industry.
4) Includes dry edible beans and peas, fish, nuts, tobacco, wool and other miscellaneous products.
The company s other offerings include its line of edible bean powders and Fibersol soluble dietary fibers.
Uebersax MA and ME Zabik Processing and use of dry edible bean flours in foods.
ADM Edible Bean Specialties plans to construct a new Blumfield Township processing facility, which consists of a new four-story, 7,500 sq.
The identification of the currently prevalent root rot pathogens and other findings from this study are crucial for developing disease management strategies and would greatly impact the dry edible bean industry in the state.
Although people of Hispanic origin represented approximately 11 percent of the population, they account for 33 percent of all cooked dry edible bean product consumption.
Several ingredients used in combination offer unique potential, including isolated soy and wheat proteins; extruded protein pieces, Fibersol-2 dietary fiber; edible bean powders; vitamin and mineral enrichment blends; whole wheat flour; CardioAid phytosterols; crystalline fructose; low-trans shortening and soy lecithin.
The most popular choice for food insecure households is pigeon pea and groundnut, and pigeon pea and soybean, because the end product is edible beans and improved soil.
In 1994, the patent says, field beans that were yellow in color were discovered in a package of dry edible beans purchased in Mexico and brought to the United States.
Export dependence varies among vegetables, led by onions for dehydration (66% of supplies), dry edible peas and lentils (51%), fresh-market cauliflower (34%), dry edible beans (24%), and fresh-market broccoli (19%).
One of Frieda's vegetables, Apios americanas, produces edible beans and a tuber, known as a groundnut, that has a nutty flavor and packs three times the protein of most potatoes.
Among the several varieties of crops available in the market, the demand for crops such as wheat, rice, soya beans, peanuts, sunflower, cotton, dry edible beans, potatoes among others are on a rise due to its easy availability.
companies to export food to Cuba on a cash-only basis--Nebraska has already filled a $30 million order for dry edible beans and other commodities.