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any of various edible seeds of plants of the family Leguminosae used for food

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Specialized food ingredients: Specialized pre-processed food ingredients possessing definitive and diversified functional properties have been prepared from dry edible beans [1].
Traditional cooking of dry edible beans in these countries involves excessive expenditure of time and fuel.
It will be useful for improving resistance to soil pathogenic fungi in dry edible bean and its adaptation to temperate climates will allow it to be easily utilized in temperate breeding programs.
About half the nation's $629 million dry edible bean crop is grown in those two states and Michigan.
KY $ 35,000 Living Forest Cooperative, WI $ 39,500 Michigan Edible Bean Cooperative, MI $ 247,175 Michigan Sugar Company, MI $ 74,120 Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative, MI $ 55,574 Mid-Iowa Cooperative, IA $ 450,000 Midwest Grain Processors, IA $ 150,000 Mountain States Lamb Cooperative, WY $ 200,000 National Trail Biodiesel Coop.
Named for the central Iowa county where producers have grown soybeans for generations, the Greene Bean Project is introducing a new kind of bean for its rural community: the edible bean.
In 1998, dry edible bean was killed by frost on over 1200 ha in Mclean County, North Dakota (Annu.
3) Includes dry edible bean and pea, nut, tobacco, wool, fish and miscellaneous marketing cooperatives.
These four lines will be most useful for transferring resistance to common bacterial blight into dry edible bean market classes with small- to medium-sized seed.
These four lines will be most useful for transferring resistance to white mold into dry edible bean market classes with small to medium-sized seed.
It boasts a diverse product offering, ranging from various grades of pulses, including lentils, whole and split peas, edible beans, and chickpeas, to other special crops such as canaryseed, flaxseed, and sunflower seed.
The co-op ships grain and dry edible beans across the globe, with Mexico, Italy and England among the primary export destinations.
The second day featured farmer panels highlighting the diverse crop mix in the region, including corn, soybeans, wheat, sugarbeets, dry edible beans and sunflowers.
Along with soybeans, other crops such as peas, lentils, and edible beans pose similar challenges for producers.
Unlike the soybean, which came from China, and the fava bean, which originated in the eastern Mediterranean, the first dry, edible beans have been traced to Central and South America.