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the property of being fit to eat

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Advances in plant food processing in the Near Eastern Epipalaeolithic and implications for improved edibility and nutrient bioaccessibility: an experimental assessment of Balboschoenus maritimus (L.
What is intended is a multiple and free association of meanings in dialogue; a twinning, conjoining, and overlapping of concepts of edibility and credibility, either and both, intended to illustrate, in as many ways as possible, that edibility encompasses and exceeds, in meaning and practice, the narrower ideas of a trust in food safety--that state of believing that food is, in fact, safe to eat because eating it will not have any adverse health effects.
With illustrations and photos, the field guide aids lay people and professionals in identifying mushrooms in the region, and includes information on family, genus, and species; field characteristics, micro and macro descriptions; habitat and role; and edibility.
Our caution was reinforced when anyone else would present a mushroom to my father to determine it edibility, he would say, "I really can't be sure, so don't eat it.
One word of caution: if you are not absolutely sure as to the edibility of a plant, avoid it.
43), eliciting an image both of edibility and revulsion.
list of pancanakha animals, not categorized by edibility, the rhinoceros is absent, though four of the five on the original list are found.
Later, I learned that Dali had written an article in Minotaure on the terror and edibility of Gaudi's architecture.
Boil a batch of artichokes in spicy broth for a fondue feast; trim really big artichokes and bake, stuffed with lamb; or trim tiny artichokes down to total edibility and grill on skewers.
They are the perfect accent for any cake, entree, dessert or beverage and keep for years without losing their natural beauty or edibility.
2011 healthy eating for children aged 3 to 7 years in childcare, as well as all other legal and normative acts and regulations to ensure proper execution of the object of the contract and the quality and edibility of food products covered by the contract.
Despite their potential edibility, most local carp anglers are catch-and-release fishermen, enjoying the sport of catching very big fish -- and lots of them.
Veteran anglers have long known to trust their noses--and for more than just verifying the edibility (or bait-worthiness) of shrimp.
It was known to aboriginal Tasmanians as "tayatea," and this name is preferred to "crayfish" or "lobster," both of which have connotations of edibility and consequently are not helpful in conserving the species.
Fast (rapid) growth, ability to adapt with tropical area, relative resistance against dryness, high percentage of protein, full leaf area, edibility and high productivity ([C.