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In The Shadows was far edgier live and the whole crowd enjoyed singing and screaming along.
Part of the improvement has to do with employing big-name producer Steve Albini, the Midwestern indie guru who's famous for helping the likes of Nirvana and PJ Harvey sound even edgier.
The Urban Messenger's edgier appeal offers a unique and stylish alternative to traditional notebook cases.
She has signed on for an edgier role in a new comic murder movie, "Horrible Bosses," as a sex-obsessed dentist.
The brooding Rip perfectly illustrated his more contemporary, edgier style, with the soaring anthemic choruses of Blind from current album Jagged hugely impressive.
But edgier album track Virgin Sexy was a highlight, as the girls got saucy, pouted and pole danced.
In 2003 this Vancouver-based songstress' self-titled debut (released in her adopted country on EMI) scored two major radio hits on Canada's BDS/AC charts, but listeners to the south are hearing a much edgier, confident artist than the one embraced by her fellow Canadians.
I'm kind of edgier," Contactmusic quoted Harding, as saying.
The latest designs are edgier than usual and include a great range of photographs from sepiatinted sailing boats to stark backlit forest scenes.
This weekend's Chicago run features a different, edgier advertising campaign that included laudatory quotes from several film critics.
The second half of the set was edgier and included group performances of Aerosmith's Walk This Way and Joan Jett's Love Rock And Roll.
Importing Retail Concepts: Today's hottest retail design approaches come from abroad, where retail developers and even notoriously conservative investors are more willing to push for edgier designs, riskier developments and new ideas.
But I do love doing the edgier films or more dramatic roles, too.
Patridge, 24, who has signed up for a "spicier, edgier, older" reality show about her life, will still be on the MTV show facing newcomer Kristin Cavallari as she stirs up trouble in the new episodes starting September 29.
He added he would now concentrate on an edgier style of music, including blues and R&B, which he could not do under the Simply Red banner.