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Synonyms for edgewise

with the edge forward or on, by, or toward the edge


as if by an edge


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Hanson, The SPEED system: A report on the development of a new edgewise appliance, Am J Orthod, 78(3), 243- 265(1980).
Some of those who prefer direct contact deal with these calls as formal written correspondences which they begin as follows: "To our great literary figure, our heartfelt greetings to your venerable self and to your familyC*etc" without giving you a chance to put in a single word edgewise.
Though he talks a mile a minute, Vaughn not only lets you get a word in edgewise, but seems happy to hear your point of view.
You can barely get a word in edgewise, and the whole experience is maddening.
Let's hope this doesn't means Clint doesn't get a word in edgewise with Ben "Motormouth" Elton around.
Writing in Scientific American, he described the sense of exhilaration in flying saying: 'The earth is spread out before the eye with a richness of colour and beauty never imagined by those who have gazed the landscape edgewise only.
Finally, when he could get a word in edgewise, Ali told me with tears: "Renu died three days ago.
Also analog round, rectangular, and edgewise panel meters; optical and electronic analog meter relays; digital panel meters and meter relays; and analog temperature controllers.
Her latest format for failure is Ruby (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, BBC2), a dire after-dinner discussion show where B-list celebs sit around a table laden with empty bottles, gnaw on chicken legs and try to get a word in edgewise while Ruby rabbits on and on about her favourite subject: herself.
By contrast, ISO permits 13 depths tested edgewise and five depths tested flatwise, and each depth has a different point.
I tell her that if my words are not understandable, it's not a matter of volume; it's because the only way I can get them in is edgewise.
ScreenFriends, through its marketing affiliate, Edgewise Technology Corporation, will market the bundled package to retail outlets.
Tenders are invited for Edgewise Scaled Illuminated Dial, Moving Coil, Traction Motor Ammeter External Shunt Type But Supplied Without Shuntdial 1-0-1.