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a person who puts finishing edges on a garment

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garden tool for cutting grass around the edges of a yard

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The new 40V Max Trimmer & Edger features a durable, high-efficiency brushless motor that provides more power and up to 30 per cent longer runtime than its bestselling predecessor.
Norville Autoflow has said it is looking forward to presenting a complete edger package range at a variety of price points and technical service solutions across a wide range of laboratory needs, from svolume production to small opticians' workshops.
Edger had secured a toss from senior quarterback Ryan Taggart, rolled to his right and lofted a long pass just before getting knocked down.
Again, use coarse, medium and then fine sandpaper on the edger and lower the machine to start and stop in the same way as for the sander.
If they have become really over-grown use a lawn edger.
Attachments convert your grass trimmer into a blower, edger, tiller, or pruner.
Coors Brewers off-trade sales director Chris Edger has left and has been replaced by Kevin Brownsey
It was clearly stated that the price included the scanners, computers, and edger but not the material-handling system.
The Mantis Electric Tiller can be used with optional attachments such as a border edger, furrower, crevice cleaner, lawn aerator, lawn dethatcher and plow.
In Effective Multi-Unit Leadership, Chris Edger looks at that key managerial cohort in the retail, hospitality and service sectors operating between the centre and unit - the Multi-Unit Leader (MUL).
Contract notice: Supply of band saw, edger - rip saw, miter saw and mobile telescopic manipulator
Property Development (Hudds) Ltd, two flats and demolition of existing garages, adjacent to 1 Cleveland Road, Edger ton.
Toby went through 5-2 at the expense of Highwayman after James Edger opened the scoring for Toby with Ben Barnes quickly levelling for Highway.
Gardening and DIY Reader Offer Lightweight Long Lawn Edger Reach Shears Simply wheel the Lawn Edger along the edge of your lawn, and the hardened steel blade trims the over-hanging grass as you go.