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push one's way into (a space)

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Edge Up grabs vast amounts of available NFL data, and with the help of Watson, team general managers are able to make informed decisions and adjustments to their fantasy football roster picks," said Edge Up Sports CEO Illya Tabakh.
The purpose of opening up IBM Watson capabilities to our Ecosystem Partners via an open developer platform is to accelerate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, and Edge Up Sports is a perfect example," said Lauri Saft, Vice President, IBM Watson.
Edge Up shows you how your roster changes on multiple dimensions throughout the week, so you can make the decisions that matter.
Through Edge Up Sports' Kickstarter campaign, Edge Up's goal is to provide the most passionate fantasy football team managers with real-time updates on their fantasy, an opportunity to connect to a community, build a premium user interface and experience for a rewarding experience that evolves with users.
For more information on Edge Up Sports, visit: http://edgeupsports.