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Synonyms for strength

Synonyms for strength

the state or quality of being physically strong

power used to overcome resistance

the condition of being free from defects or flaws

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Synonyms for strength

capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war

the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty

capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects

the condition of financial success

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A knowledge of edge strength is especially important since tool edges that appear to be good may have been damaged during brazing or grinding, Stewart said, resulting in disintegration of the edge on contact with the wood workpiece.
Simple codes tell the user the relative edge strength on the insert.
The WM design has excellent edge strength and is for situations where high productivity is paramount.
A sharp, positive insert shape can deliver low cutting forces and good edge strength.
Despite the slightly higher cutting forces and higher required power with the new 3M-AXKT, the overall forces distribution, cutting edge strength, and cutter rigidity are improved.
Superior edge strength from a variable width land and a widening chip gullet are two prime features of the insert.