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In 1950, Eliseo Palacios-Aguilera first reported the mammalian fossil remains of edentates and proboscideans recovered from the Quaternary deposits of Villaflores and Villa Corzo, these municipalities are located in central Chiapas.
edentates has not yet been discovered, we cannot say whether its populations persist in like manner to A.
At one time, scientists classified sloths and theft" anteater and armadillo relatives as edentates, Latin for "without teeth.
The ear region of edentates and the phylogeny of the Tardigrada (Mammalia: Xenarthra).
This observation contrasts with earlier descriptions of seven families of mammals, belonging to Primates, Edentates, Marsupials, Carnivores, Rodents, and Chiroptera classes (10,55,57), which were hosts for triatomines in relatively undisturbed ecoregions.