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To generate hyaluronidase 150 IU/mL for injection, the following materials are needed: hyaluronidase 15,000 units, sodium chloride 850 mg, edentate disodium 100 mg, calcium chloride dihydrate 53 mg, thimerosal 10 mg, anhydrous sodium phosphate monobasic 170 mg, sterile water for injection 100 mL, and sodium hydroxide 1% solution in a quantity sufficient to give the solution a pH between 6.
A comparison of sodium calcium edentate (edentate calcium disodium) and succimer (DMSA) in the treatment of organic lead poisoning.
Changed morphology and mechanical properties of cancellous bone in the mandibular condyles of edentate people.
Porini G, Rylands A, Samudio R, and members of the Edentate Specialist Group 2006.
Human plasma with potassium edentate (K-EDTA) as an anticoagulant was obtained from South African National Blood Services, Port Elizabeth.
INCI name: titanium dioxide (and) aqua (and) glycerin (and) alumina (and) sodium polyacrylate (and) phenoxyethanol (and) sodium edentate (and) silica (and) sodium polyphosphate
This slow-paced edentate roamed the steppes of Patagonia during the last ice age.
All claws edentate, claws of legs I and II clearly smaller than on legs III and IV.