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Synonyms for edematous

swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid


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Intra-operatively, ureteral stent fragment was removed without resistance; the ureteral lumen was mildly edematous (Table 1) (Fig.
The intervening stroma was edematous and highly vascularized.
Lesions cluster and progress simultaneously from papules to edematous papules, to vesicles, to pustules, and then eventually crust over
The vocal folds may appear swollen, floppy, or polypoid; hence, alternative names such as polypoid corditis, polypoid degeneration, and edematous hypertrophy have been used to describe this process.
Gross neuropathologic findings consisted of swollen and edematous brain with opaque and congested leptomeninges.
Smallpox lesions tend to appear in regional clusters, and usually all of the lesions in a duster are in the same stage of progression as they go from papules to edematous papules, to vesicles, to pustules, and finally crust over.
The mucosa becomes edematous and is exposed to bacteria, leading to urethral prolapse with urethral mucosa protruding onto the vulva, he said at an ob.
The stroma was edematous to myxoid, with the more superficial aspects predominantly myxoid.
It is indicated for a wide variety of diseases and disorders including, disorders related to the endocrine, rheumatic, and hematological systems; diseases related to the nervous system such as acute exacerbations of multiple sclerosis, collagen, dermatologic, ophthalmic, respiratory, neoplastic, and gastrointestinal systems, as well as edematous and allergic states.
A detailed endoscopic examination revealed that the lining of the nasal cavity was edematous and ulcerated (figure, C).
Diagnostic pelviscopy indicated diffuse coalescence of both adnexes and edematous swelling of the fallopian tubes with severe postinflammatory changes (Figure).
Proximal to the primary constriction site, the umbilical cord was moderately edematous and disclosed additional less pronounced foci of attenuation.
s Aldactone(R) indicated for essential hypertension, primary hyperaldosteronism, edematous conditions for patients and hypokalemia.
Visualization of the nasopharynx revealed that the right eustachian tube and the torus tubarius were more edematous than those on the left.
Macher included edema, often extensive, of the skin and soft tissues contiguous to the primary cutaneous lesion, as well as edematous changes in multiple other organs and body spaces such as bowel wall, mesentery, omentum, central nervous system, and peritoneal and pleural spaces (1-3).