eczema vaccinatum

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a now rare complication of vaccinia superimposed on atopic dermatitis with high fever and generalized vesicles and papulovesicles

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The researchers found that the activity of the NK cells was significantly lower in the mice that developed eczema vaccinatum than in normal mice that also received the smallpox vaccine.
Treatment of eczema vaccinatum with N-methylisatin beta-thiosemicarbazone.
Rose continued, "One year ago we were asked by the CDC to provide a formulation of ST-246 for treatment of a moribund child with eczema vaccinatum, an illness that mimics clinical smallpox.
Some other well-documented complications of smallpox vaccination that date back to the era of routine smallpox vaccination include generalized vaccinia, eczema vaccinatum, postvaccinial encephalitis, inadvertent inoculation, fetal vaccinia, and death.
VIGIV might be used in cases of generalized vaccinia, eczema vaccinatum or progressive vaccinia.
Representatives from USAMRIID and CDC Also Expected to Present Animal Study Data and Chicago Eczema Vaccinatum Case Study Information
An immunoglobulin containing antivaccinia antibody for the treatment and/or modification of serious complications of smallpox vaccination, including eczema vaccinatum, progressive vaccinia, severe generalized vaccinia, and vaccinia infections in people who have skin conditions, such as burns, impetigo, or varicella zoster.