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a movement promoting union between religions (especially between Christian churches)

(Christianity) the doctrine of the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations: aimed at universal Christian unity

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The essays in this collection were presented at the annual conference of the North American Academy of Ecumenists (NAAE), held September 26-28, 2014, in Burbank, California.
Dialogue of Love: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic Ecumenist could describe any number of books about the personal ecumenical efforts of individual Catholics.
How a committed ecumenist like Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor can endorse Dr Williams is both a mystery and a tragedy.
Today, Newman's reputation as a theologian, pastor, and ecumenist is much greater than when he was alive.
Bolen, 53, a well-respected ecumenist in Canada and abroad, received the honour in recognition of his work in building Anglican-Roman Catholic relations, according to a press statement.
A leading ecumenist of the late 20th century, Emilio Castro will be remembered for his unfaltering efforts in bringing together Christian faith and spirituality with radical commitment to justice and peace.
The author is an ecumenist and storyteller who served as a minister in the Presbyterian Church.
An ecumenist in the service of liturgy, a liturgist in the service of ecumenism, you have set a paradigm before us.
That doesn't qualify as a specifically Christian ideal; but Arnold is a comfortable ecumenist.
Speer restores the Presbyterian mission leader, ecumenist, and churchman to his rightful place at the center of early twentieth-century American Protestantism.
1) In contrast to Raiser's evaluations, Catholic ecumenist and ecclesiologist Catherine Clifford confidently asserts her optimism: "This is a moment to learn from the methods and achievements of the dialogues to date, to build upon them rather than discard their accomplishments.
Throughout his career Mathews was an ardent ecumenist and social activist, having served for many years both on the governing board of the National Council of Churches in the United States and on the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.
Regarding the article "Papacy is a 'gift' but needs repair, leading ecumenist says," by John L.
Marianne Jehle-Wildberger, Adolf Keller (1872-1963): Ecumenist, World Citizen, Philanthropist.
In Germany, however, Ernst Lange is considered by many as the most influential ecumenist of the 20th century, after Dietrich Bonhoeffer.