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a movement promoting union between religions (especially between Christian churches)

(Christianity) the doctrine of the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations: aimed at universal Christian unity

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24) If the strategic ecumenism manifested by official ecumenical dialogue performs division even alongside its promotion of unity, how can ecumenical dialogue transform itself so as to more fully serve Christian unity?
After an introductory chapter the book falls into two main sections, the first reviewing the commitment of the ecumenical movement to such issues as peace, justice, and the environment, while the second deals with major challenges such as relationships with Catholic and Orthodox churches and the "add on" approach to ecumenism within some denominations.
Catholic priests as a rule use the pulpit for the sole purpose of illuminating the lessons in the gospel, out of respect for the spirit of ecumenism.
Significantly, Wales' ecumenical organisation Cytun receives major funding by the Catholic church, and so if it is financial motives that lie behind the sale of the present high-value site, and if the outcome will be the demise of ecumenism in the town, then surely it would be better to divert that funding from Cytun and use it to repair the church in Aberystwyth.
Her commitment to ecumenism remained constant even through times when others became discouraged.
When ecumenism is strained in many places, a place of worship to be shared by members of different churches is a symbol of resistance against cynicism.
Scholars mostly of theology and mostly from Scotland, but also of ethics, church history, and other fields; and from Rome, the US, and other pastures, take up a particular, and perhaps harsher than usual, type of ecumenical theology or theological ecumenism.
The ecumenical premise that "we can interpret the dogmatic developments of the second millennium in the light and the context of the first one, in order to open the door to the third millennium" make ecumenism simultaneously conservative and revolutionary.
Through his commitment to ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, John Paul II helped to break down so many of the religious conflicts that have divided the world.
The volume ends with James Kittelson's critique of the disuse and misuse of church history in the ecumenism of contemporary Evangelical Catholic Lutheran theologians.
From the broad historical perspective of Florovsky, the Ecumenical Movement was just getting started, and, as a veteran optimist, he saw hastiness and impatience as a very serious danger to the ponderous work of ecumenism for the reunification of Christendom.
Hitchens also invites reflection on the ecumenism of literature--good literature--that seems to water down the "feeling of partisanship" that so pervades his writings.
It likewise quashes the collegiality of the bishops and remains an enormous stumbling block to ecumenism.
Paul Christmas, the Catholic representative, said, `One of the most valuable experiences for me was that of ecumenism, both from my Welsh and Basotho friends.
George Lundy, the school vice president, told The News, "The UDM School of Law remains committed to excellent legal education in the post-Vatican II spirit of ecumenism and respect for the rich diversity of our pluralistic society.