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(Christianity) the doctrine of the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations: aimed at universal Christian unity

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It is very popular, in the age of interfaith conversations and ecumenicism, to quote the universalist sentiments of Malachi: Have we not all one father?
In Finland, most people may be fed up with the official Lutheran Church, but large numbers of urban teenagers and young adults are flocking to the alternative "Thomas Mass," which is based on liturgical traditions of the Lutheran Church, heavily influenced by ecumenicism.
9) In our age of (more or less) tolerant ecumenicism, the critique of Catholicism implicit in the Legend excites little interest; its relevance today resides, rather, in its anticipation of totalitarianism, in its anticipation of the central ideological conflict of the twentieth century.
28) Despite this narrative ecumenicism, however, particular denominational concerns surfaced in the framing of the stories: for example, in identifying to which mission hospitals offerings should be sent, to which denomination the healed converted, or to which mission dispensary one should aspire for service.
I also ask all of you to decisively take the path of spiritual ecumenicism, which in prayer will open the door to the Holy Spirit who alone can create unity,' he said.
This was a compromise on the original idea of Year of Faith, which organisers felt was over-religious,but which church leaders maintain is a missed opportunity for both evangelism and ecumenicism.
In conjunction with the University of Santa Maria la Antigua, the committee sponsors the Institute for Ecumenicism and Society, which conducts its own conferences and issues ecumenical publications.
The present secretary-general and vice president of the PNGCC are both women, an indication of the growing importance of women in the churches and particularly in ecumenicism.
The ecumenicism of this book is indeed astonishing and even, at times, slightly numbing.
There's o comparable anthology in quality, ecumenicism, and' scholarship for my generation of poets, among boomers.
The titles of a few of the subsections ("Social Ethics and Christian Life-Style," "Evangelism, Expansion, and Missions," and "Relationships with Other Baptists and Christian Groups") reveal that the trends and cultural patterns of interest are ecumenicism and diversity within Baptist life.
Yet the angelic chorus at the poem's end displays no such ecumenicism.
Feeling they had been made scapegoats for the excesses of secular imperial powers, most British missionaries turned to a policy of what Greenlee and Johnston call "higher citizenship" that shifted to a focus on ecumenicism and internationalism.
Derived from mainstream Christianity but tempered by a pragmatic, grass-roots ecumenicism, the Twelve Step program is the first case of a spiritually-focused organization to which Jews could belong without compromising their Judaism.