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GENEPOP: Population genetics software for exact tests and ecumenicism.
285-312) takes up the issue of Tennyson and Victorian religion, arguing that Hallam's idealized Catholicism inspired by Dante, the Apostles' ecumenicism, and Tennyson's own mysticism (which made the real presence signified by the Catholic Eucharist compelling), induced a life-long receptivity to Catholicism that co-existed with Protestant revulsion from "superstition.
Meanwhile, with the rise of ecumenicism, abstract piety took precedence over the prescriptions of particular denominations.
Over time, this proactive Islamist ecumenicism has helped make it seem acceptable for Sunnis not only to identify politically with Iran, but also to be open to Shia dawa (proselytization).
The changing nature of "faith" in faith-based organizations: Secularization and ecumenicism in four AIDS organizations in New York City.
Officially opening the conference, Hope University Vice Chancellor Professor Gerald Pillay emphasised the uniqueness of his university's ecumenicism in Europe.
It is very popular, in the age of interfaith conversations and ecumenicism, to quote the universalist sentiments of Malachi: Have we not all one father?
In Finland, most people may be fed up with the official Lutheran Church, but large numbers of urban teenagers and young adults are flocking to the alternative "Thomas Mass," which is based on liturgical traditions of the Lutheran Church, heavily influenced by ecumenicism.
When asked about ecumenicism, Tessier responds: "I guess you could say that our programming is ecumenical--but I'm not supposed to use that word any more .
In a way, tolerance and ecumenicism have brought us back to henotheism: We acknowledge that various religious traditions have their own "validity," even if we ourselves may have a "preference" for only one of them.
9) In our age of (more or less) tolerant ecumenicism, the critique of Catholicism implicit in the Legend excites little interest; its relevance today resides, rather, in its anticipation of totalitarianism, in its anticipation of the central ideological conflict of the twentieth century.
28) Despite this narrative ecumenicism, however, particular denominational concerns surfaced in the framing of the stories: for example, in identifying to which mission hospitals offerings should be sent, to which denomination the healed converted, or to which mission dispensary one should aspire for service.