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Synonyms for ecumenical



Synonyms for ecumenical

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

Synonyms for ecumenical

concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions

of worldwide scope or applicability

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Nevertheless, I can personally attest to some very good news, ecumenically speaking.
In a book subtitled Questions for the Future of Ecumenism, it is surprising, for example, to find no reference at all to the Global Christian Forum, the amazingly ecumenical work of the Bible societies, and denominational mission agencies that increasingly work ecumenically.
McSweeney notes two senses in which the encyclical actually strikes ecumenically positive notes.
To do that, I need to continue to identify as a Catholic, although I also function ecumenically and interreligiously, so it's no a limitation for me.
It is an excellent primer for anyone wishing to become better acquainted with Orthodox theology and is especially well-suited for ecumenically minded Catholics and Protestants, who can gain insight into their traditions' own theological understandings and deepen their appreciation for the importance of ecumenism today.
recognizes that what he refers to as "an ecumenically recovered biblical-liturgical movement" (200) does not presume rigid uniformity in Christian worship.
Then again, the term "Prayer" also says a lot: Praying and praying again is ecumenically both possible and necessary.
Ecumenically, Lutherans stand for the justification of sinners and the priesthood of believers.
As a Roman Catholic, I am extremely appreciative of his insightful understanding--historically objective, academically critical, yet ecumenically sympathetic--of how Catholic theological vision has helped shape missionary activity and church life.
If you have a local church that wants to be visionary, wants to be cutting edge or do things ecumenically, you can have that.
Consequently Catholicism is in the strong position ecumenically of honouring the partial truths which are found in Orthodoxy and Protestantism and then completing them with the fulness of truth which is the basis of the actual unity that Catholics enjoy and to which all Christians are called by their all egiance to Christ.
1) Furthermore, doing theology ecumenically is nurtured by the movements upon which the ecumenical movement draws, three of which are the missionary movement, the biblical movement, and the liturgical movement--each also a focus of Vatican II.
Too much is at stake philosophically, theologically, and ecumenically to let readers be anything but active dialogue partners.
Archer, who trained ecumenically at the Toronto School of Theology, says the main reason he came to Grand Valley was the shared ministry concept.
PIM is a national church committee whose mandate is to promote and develop mission "in order to engage the church in circles of partnership locally, nationally, globally and ecumenically.