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(Christianity) the doctrine of the ecumenical movement that promotes cooperation and better understanding among different religious denominations: aimed at universal Christian unity

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If Hindus alter their orthodoxies to present themselves as the epitome of tolerance and ecumenicalism, they may escape the fate of their Muslim brethren, who are often condemned in the American public eye for their "fundamentalist" and "orthodox" religiosities.
Clearly, in one respect, Hegel's thesis represents the exact antithesis of our premise that tolerance of ambiguity and ecumenicalism are adaptive for humans and, because of our lethal potential, the entire plane.
If so, then the normative ecumenicalism to which I have so far aspired must be restricted: the account I will offer in [section][section] 78 is committed to the assumption that Reason and Strength are true.
The Free Presbyterian Church frowns on ecumenicalism, yet its founder offers to pray with a Catholic family.
This aspiration for ecumenicalism is linked, by King, to the publication of James's Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance and A Premonition addressed to all the monarchs and free princes of Christendom, which express not only his desire to neutralize religious conflict but also his arguments for the maintenance of the rights of kings over the pope.
While young, modern and open to travel and a less formal approach, he was also in favour of pushing the Catholic Church away from the overt liberalism, populism and ecumenicalism of the Second Vatican Council.
The Archbishop was able to give us his view of the need for spiritual ecumenicalism which was endorsed by everyone present.
Meanwhile, in the 1920s and 30s as congregations declined, churches' financial woes prompted like-minded denominations to consolidate resources, set aside territorial rivalry, and espouse ecumenicalism in the interest of economy and a common purpose.
Pope John Paul II has been very interested in visiting Russia to promote ecumenicalism.
Such pluralism allows pagans to take ecumenicalism even further than Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi does.
A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said the decision went against the spirit of ecumenicalism in Scotland.
Farber falls into a camp that prizes a kind of sober ecumenicalism that looks with suspicion on the capacity of legal theory and empirical research to make hard choices on the way to attack knotty substantive problems.
The value of such ecumenicalism is clear in Brace's ability to see property consciousness as integral to early modern discussions of not only economic but also political and moral rights.
The war itself may arguably have fostered a sense of ecumenicalism rooted in a common cause, but, McGreevy contends, most clergy still directed little energy at interracial harmony largely because they feared alienating one group at the expense of another.