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a movement aimed to promote understanding and cooperation among Christian churches

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At a time when identity politics in Asian nations is growing and the dominant religions in several countries are reasserting themselves, the challenge for the churches and the ecumenical movement is to deal with all the people of Asia, rather than only with the Christian segment of it, and to attempt to link interfaith relations to real-life situations.
A recurring question to which Kinnamon returns is whether the ecumenical movement has become too political.
After an introductory chapter the book falls into two main sections, the first reviewing the commitment of the ecumenical movement to such issues as peace, justice, and the environment, while the second deals with major challenges such as relationships with Catholic and Orthodox churches and the "add on" approach to ecumenism within some denominations.
Moyes sets forth Baptist distinctives in chapter one and returns to these distinctives throughout the book, connecting them to Scottish Baptist involvement with the ecumenical movement.
perhaps in the whole history of the ecumenical movement.
Still, 1 am left puzzled whether all of that is enough, or perhaps even more powerful medium is called for to genuinely rekindle the spent passion of the ecumenical movement.
While many now claim that the ecumenical movement has lost steam and that institutional priorities sideline the cause of Christian unity, R.
It is insulting and wrong and does unnecessary harm to the ecumenical movement.
Comprehensive discussions of the ecumenical movement are few and far between, and Thomas Fitzgerald has helped to fill an important niche.
The bishop spoke for three hours about the true values of Christianity, about the ecumenical movement and the importance of religious liberty for everybody.
Faith and Law: Juridical Perspectives for the Ecumenical Movement.
He was particularly a towering figure in the Ecumenical Movement for Christian unity, to which he devoted a major part of his long life and work as an early pioneer in the 1930s, an architect in the formation of the World Council of Churches, and an influential builder from within the Faith and Order Commission, where he made the voice of Eastern Orthodoxy heard by witnessing to the historic experience and the faith of the early undivided Church.
I hope that more Protestant Christians will subscribe to your magazine and that its presence will help the ecumenical movement.
As a conscious corrective, the 60s and 70s ecumenical movement encouraged pluralistic views among individuals who might otherwise have been inclined toward a more narrow perspective.
While not foreseeing total religious agreement, theologians say there has been great ecumenical movement in recent years as members of disparate religious groups find ways to work together.
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