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(early Christian church) one of seven gatherings of bishops from around the known world under the presidency of the Pope to regulate matters of faith and morals and discipline

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I went to the Methodist Church and Judy's Catholic, so I joined the Ecumenical Council.
Individual Christians and churches would not be able to raise their voices above the powers of the world: "Only the one great Ecumenical Council of the Holy Church of Christ over all the world can speak out so that the world, though it gnash its teeth, will have to hear".
Alexei Smith, Ecumenical Officer for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles and President of the Southern California Ecumenical Council, invited the panelists to engage TCTCV from their own theological perspective and that of their own denominational tradition.
18 annual holiday basket distribution spearheaded by the Oxford Ecumenical Council, more than 25 cadets helped distribute more than 180 boxes packed with well over 9 tons of food, along with bags of toys and gifts for local Oxford families.
Why, he asks, are some changes illegitimate--properly called heresies--while other changes, introduced by ecumenical councils, are considered fully orthodox?
An ecumenical council is the highest teaching authority of the Catholic church.
The Council of Nicea, in 325, was the world's first Ecumenical Council.
Lombardi said that the Vatican's Ecumenical Council is in the process of collecting the necessary information to understand the situation, AL HAYAT reported.
World Alliance of Reformed Churches and Reformed Ecumenical Council have merged to form WCRC in a meeting currently underway at Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA), representing a global network of about 80 million members from 227 churches in 108 countries whose roots go back to 1875.
The Sixth Ecumenical Council, at Constantinople (680-681): Forbade the faithful to take the Sacred Host in their hand, threatening transgressors with excommunication.
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) is a religious body set up to work for a responsible attitude towards the world of business, in comparison to the Gordon Gekkos of the finance world.
At an international gathering in June 2010, WARC is set to unite with the Reformed Ecumenical Council to form the World Communion of Reformed Churches.
Antonio Olimpio de Sant'Ana, the executive secretary of Brazil's National Ecumenical Council to Combat Racism told Ecumenical News International "We need to have more black people represented in this church body and we also need to have women in the leadership.
But he pointed out that there hasn't been an Ecumenical Council meeting since the year 787.
The entries include Greek writers through 553 (the Fifth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople) and Latin writers through the 6th century.
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