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Synonyms for ecumenical



Synonyms for ecumenical

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

Synonyms for ecumenical

concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions

of worldwide scope or applicability

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Examples of ecumenical tactics in liturgy can be drawn from nearly any liturgical celebration where visitors from another Christian denomination are present.
This was a gesture of high symbolic significance, even though the Pope left no doubt about the difficulties that still needed to be resolved on the ecumenical way.
The document, which has an Ignatian flavor, together with the study guide containing summaries, questions, and examples, is most helpful for ongoing ecumenical education, renewal programs, missions, and retreats.
40) On the list of bishops five signatures are missing, including those of the bishop of Rome and the bishops of Thessaloniki, Corinth, Ravenna, and Sardinia; the blank spaces show that these bishops had also been invited, thus indicating the emperor's intention to hold an ecumenical council.
Since its closure, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has had to send the young men from its community desiring to enter the priesthood to one of the theological schools in Greece.
The first module-method develops principles to be applied to every dialogue (christological, hierarchy of truths, the context of ecumenical statements); a "walking together in dialogue" is encouraged.
Year 2010 marked the centennial anniversary of the ecumenical movement.
Brown, who spoke as Trustee of Phipps Houses and also conveyed the message of Mayor David Dinkins who was forced to cancel his personal participation; and Joanne Hoffman, of Ecumenical Community Development Organization and Robert Pincus of Phipps Houses, who served as the joint master/mistress of ceremonies.
Spong of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey, wrote that he is not now in favor of working for ecumenical union with the Roman Catholic church.
In his interview with The Associated Press, Bartholomew criticized both his lack of input into the Ligonier conference and the fact that ``almost nothing'' was said about the ecumenical patriarchate's role in coordinating inter-Orthodox cooperation.
2 (April 1997): 71-86, and "Revd Dr Hugh Martin: Ecumenical Controversialist and Writer.
Even in his own time James was known as a peacemaker, and his attempts to foster peace in Europe are better known than his ecumenical projects.
The ecumenical meetings that got so much coverage here didn't seem to sell too well elsewhere.
A video presentation will be shown at the seminar about the national independent Catholic movement, and the Presiding Bishop of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) -- a new national organization to which Holy Family Parish belongs -- will be available for questions.
In this case the answer is sitting close by me in the person of Michael West, publisher at the WCC, for it was he who four years ago first suggested that I write on Bonhoeffer and the ecumenical movement.
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