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Synonyms for ecumenical



Synonyms for ecumenical

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

Synonyms for ecumenical

concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions

of worldwide scope or applicability

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Other panelists include the Senior Advisor for Theology, Ecumenical Education and Research at Bread for the World - Protestant Development Service, Reverend Professor Dr Dietrich Werner and WCC Director of Communication, Marianne Ejdersten.
At the annual fundraiser, the Naperville Newcomers and Neighbors Club awarded Ecumenical Adult Care of Naperville with a generous donation.
To mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of CCA, celebrated on 15 October 2017 during the Asia Mission Conference in Yangon, Myanmar, this issue of The Ecumenical Review focuses on the theme of "Ecumenical Theology in Asia.
Thus, the Edinburgh 1910 World Missionary Conference became the precursor to the ecumenical era of the 20th century.
His Ecumenical Dynamic proposes transcending narrow confines and entering into and identifying oneself with a dynamic that unites people.
The way we employ that theory is not meant to suggest how Certeau would engage ecumenical dialogue.
Themes that Kinnamon returns to often are the tension between "cheap unity" (59) and "passionate disagreement--without breaking fellowship" (61), the value of diversity (84), the need to actualize within the churches the substantive agreements already reached (44), the role of the laity and local congregations (154), the failure of evangelicals and postdenominational churches to engage ecumenically (129), the need for ecumenical formation (134), and the severe financial constraints facing ecumenical structures (126).
2]uan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), who treated the pope as if he is the president of the United States, refuse to recognize the ecumenical character of the Greek Orthodox Church in [sup.
It is legitimate to claim that, among various concerns, the foremost target in ecumenical mission is "the poor.
The kit contains material for ecumenical worship services in English, French and bilingual versions; planning tips and hymn suggestions; eight biblical reflections on the week's theme and biblical commentary.
Downton (Faith and Order Postdoctoral Fellow, National Council of Churches of Christ USA) analyzes the major reform movements of the sixteenth century and major ecumenical documents of the twentieth century to locate the nature of authority of the Christian church.
Shortly alter the end of the Second Vatican Council, I was asked to take part in an ecumenical round table discussion at the cathedral in Vancouver.
Comprehensive discussions of the ecumenical movement are few and far between, and Thomas Fitzgerald has helped to fill an important niche.
NAIROBI, Kenya -- The African church is looking for ways to become more financially independent from the rich West while still forging a strong ecumenical movement on the continent, according to leaders from the All Africa Conference of Churches and a number of national church councils.
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