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an animal whose body temperature varies with the temperature of its surroundings

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Size-fecundity relationships, growth trajectories, and the temperature-size rule for ectotherms.
Because higher temperatures typically increase the rate of water loss (Slobodchikoff 1983), many ectotherms might face a difficult physiological trade-off: a high Tb may support increased performance through its effect on muscle contraction while simultaneously decreasing performance from desiccation.
In North America, WNV infections in ectotherms were first reported in 2001 (19).
Metabolic rates of ectotherms typically increase with increasing temperature (Bennett and Dawson, 1976).
Ectotherms are just the opposite, having body temperatures that fluctuate with outside conditions.
Ectotherms spend most of their lives holding their breath, Farmer says.
Remarkably, for some ectotherms the same rule applies, too, but in others a converse pattern (called a converse Bergmann's rule) is observed.
As ectotherms butterflies are particularly thermally sensitive and so I will then assess the role of bacteria in host thermal tolerance and adaptation.
Because body temperature is closely linked to location during low tide for ectotherms, we started by quantifying prey distribution among microhabitats, which we predicted would have different thermal conditions.
These represented variables that are regarded as appropriate to ectotherms at global and regional scales (Mackey & Lindenmayer 2001; Phillips 2008; Richards et al.
Metabolic demand in ectotherms is regulated by environmental temperatures, as well as by body size (Hartman and Brandt, 1995; Brown, 2004; Sousa et al.
This is turn is because fish are ectotherms, meaning that their body temperature is dictated by the surrounding waters, and thermal levels outside of their narrow range are less than optimal.
Measuring the Standard Metabolic Rates (SMR) of ectotherms is key to understanding their thermal physiology and understanding the potential impacts of an altered global climate.
Actually there never was any evidence that dinosaurs were ectotherms," he said.