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abnormal position of a part or organ (especially at the time of birth)

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A 2-year-old boy was admitted to our clinic with duplicated urethra, urethral stenosis, bilateral undescended testes, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, vesicoureteral reflux, renal agenesis, cross ectopy of the right kidney, thoracic kyphoscoliosis and recurrent urinary tract infections.
Ventricular ectopy and prolonged QT syndrome have also been reported.
Conventional techniques required stiff or semi-stiff catheters and their manipulation through the right heart caused ectopy.
Cardiopulmonary dysfunction also may manifest following SAH as abnormal ECG readings that may show bradycardia, cardiac output prolongation, diffuse S-T changes, and ventricular ectopy (Zaroff, Rordorf, Newell, Ogilvy, & Levinson, 1999).
Hormonal contraceptive use cervical ectopy and the acquisition of cervical infections.
Pilot study of the relationship between heart rate and ectopy and unrestricted vs restricted visiting hours in the coronary care unit.
This article reviews in detail the basic and clinical research studies of fish oil as an antiarrhythmic entity, the forms of preparation and/or administration that appear to possess these properties and those that do not, the types of arrhythmias (ventricular ectopy and atrial fibrillation as well as ventricular tachyarrhythmias) that have been beneficially affected by fish oil administration, and the presumed and known mechanisms by which the beneficial actions are exerted.
Hormonal contraceptive use, cervical ectopy, and the acquisition of cervical infections.
15,16) In one study, authors described seven out of 30 patients who developed severe ventricular ectopy following administration of the first dose of doxorubicin.
Risk factors include being 25 years old or younger, history of a prior STD, black race, a new male sex partner or two or more partners the previous year, inconsistent use of barrier contraception, and cervical ectopy.
In particular, adolescent females are at increased risk for chlamydia due to their lack of immunity and cervical ectopy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
That study showed that sleep-disordered breathing was associated with four times the odds of atrial fibrillation, three times the odds of nonsustained ventricular tachycardia, and almost twice the odds of complex ventricular ectopy, after adjustment of the data for age, sex, body mass index, and prevalent coronary heart disease.
Also, HIV acquisition and shedding may be increased with cervical ectopy.
6) Relative contraindications include ischemic heart disease, tachycardia, hypertension, ventricular ectopy, gastroesophageal reflux, and recurrent vertebral compression.
This manifested in a respiratory rate of greater than 40 breaths per minute, an oxygen saturation level of less than 89%, an increase in cardiac ectopy, and a drop in blood pressure which required the initiation of vasopressors.