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(spiritualism) a substance supposed to emanate from the body of the medium during a trance

the outer granule-free layer of cytoplasm

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XFM Ectoplasm will now be added to our Color Database, and will be featured in our new Signature Finish range," said Paddy Dyson HMG Paints marketing manager.
Mae Ectoplasm yn berfformiad arbrofol a chyffrous am Lanelli fydd yn cael ei gynnal yn y dref ar nos Iau a nos Wener wythnos yr Eisteddfod.
For example, ectoplasm is cold, freezes any foods that it touches, and revenants are constantly in need of food, though they can receive no sustenance therefrom.
He was impressed, but he could not offer a plausible explanation either (other than drawing energy from the sitters to form ectoplasm into the materialization of Amos, as Charles Swan stated).
Lots of them do very noble work, such as helping to protect marine ectoplasm and standing up for the civil rights of guinea pigs.
Even then, the plot's denouement is so transparent, it may as well be formed out of ectoplasm.
According to British physicist and psychical researcher Oliver Lodge, Richet's encounters with ectoplasm led him to affirm: "C'est absolument absurd, mais c'est vrai
With zGhost, the glow of the ghost's ectoplasm is detectable and visible via the iPhone's camera.
The dramatic power of McCaslin's psalmody arises from the palette of sophisticated language from which she paints the existence of the common, even mundane: "Squat brown hare / you, sensitive / to all playing ectoplasm / acclimatized to your element-- / constant angst / .
Each part explores a different "vehicle," a medium or a metaphor for spirit representations: wax, air, clouds, light, shadow, mirror, ghost, ether, ectoplasm, and film.
But believe me this once: the same people who are charged with regulating price competition will now be launching dawn raids on Reiki parlours across Britain, seizing healing crystals, emails to the dearly departed and ectoplasm by the bucketload.
Meanwhile, if color is traditionally linked to Romanticism, this association leads logically to the doubling that so preoccupied the Romantics: separated from the object in which it originates, perhaps echoing it in a composition, a color becomes an object released into a new form of being, a doubling of the original object by a phantom one that is as vague and shapeless as ectoplasm.
Second, why do the dear departed bother wading across oceans of ectoplasm solely to tell Edith that the thimble she lost has rolled under the TV?
A cradle Catholic who abandoned the tenets of conventional religion in favour of the miasmatic ectoplasm and the cheese-cloth of fraud-veined spiritualism.
Unhappy medium: Helen Duncan with her fake ectoplasm