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Treatment for an ectopic ureter involves removing the upper pole of the kidney, which is usually done laparoscopically.
Thus, in the absence of reflux, a remnant of the ectopic ureter may be left behind.
Traditionally, the diagnosis of duplicated renal collecting system and delineation of ectopic ureter orifices are made with ultrasound, IVP, retrograde pyelography, and cystoscopy.
But the entirety of the right ectopic ureter, as well as the possible ectopic orifice area, could not be seen, which probably indicates a dysplastic and poorly functioning segment.
5-7) Additionally, one of the most satisfying applications is in the diagnosis and therapy of the single-system ectopic ureter in girls presenting with urinary incontinence.
Complete duplication may result in an ectopic ureter implanted into the urethra and vagina causing urinary incontinence and ureterocele.
Single system ectopic ureter to rectum subtending solitary kidney and bladder agenesis in newborn male.
After reflecting the colon medially, both ipsilateral right duplicated ureters were identified, with distinction between the 2 through the dilatation and the presence of a previously positioned ureteral catheter in the upper pole ectopic ureter.
If the duplex system is associated with ectopic ureter then infection, urinary retention, dribbling incontinence and abdominal mass or prolapsing ureterocele may lead to the diagnosis.