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Synonyms for thyroid

located near the base of the neck

of or relating to the thyroid gland


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General endotracheal anesthesia was induced, and the mass was excised with a 15 blade and sent immediately to the pathology department for frozen analysis to rule out malignancy and ectopic thyroid (figure 1, B).
An ectopic thyroid follicular carcinoma was considered a differential in this case because of the morphology and location of neoplastic cells and the accompanying changes in the thyroid glands.
Ectopic thyroid tissue: Anatomical, clinical, and surgical implications of a rare entity.
Ectopic thyroid tissue may be encountered in the tongue, anywhere along the midline from the foramen caecum at the base of the tongue to the normal position of the thyroid, media-stinum, lateral neck and oral cavity.
Ectopic thyroid tissue within a branchial cleft cyst is rare, and a papillary carcinoma arising from this tissue is extremely rare.
Recently, Matsumoto et al[3] reported the case of a papillary carcinoma of the thyroid allegedly arising from ectopic thyroid tissue within a branchial cleft cyst.
After excision, a histologic finding of an epithelial lining without ectopic thyroid tissue confirms the diagnosis.
A lingual thyroid is a mass of ectopic thyroid tissue located in the midline of the base of the tongue.
Intratracheal ectopic thyroid tissue is a rare finding, with few cases reported in the literature.
Intratracheal ectopic thyroid tissue is a rare abnormality that can cause airway obstruction.
To our knowledge, this is only the second reported case of a thyroid carcinoma arising in ectopic thyroid tissue that metastasized in the neck.
Mediastinal goiters either originate in ectopic thyroid tissue in the mediastinal compartment or they descend from thyroid tissue located in the neck.
A radionuclide thyroid scan obtained before surgery revealed that there was no ectopic thyroid tissue within the cyst or the cyst wall.
We discuss a case of intratracheal ectopic thyroid tissue (ETT) that was retrieved from the files of the Otorhino-laryngic-Head and Neck Pathology Registry at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.