ectopic gestation

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Ultrasonic examination indications for early pregnancy include the existence of uterine pregnancy, the number of gestation sac, and the existence of ectopic gestation.
Currently, the incidence of ectopic gestation tends to be higher year by year, 4 and the disease is not specific in the early stage.
Performance of a new enzyme-linked immunoassay urine pregnancy test for the detection of ectopic gestation.
35 Table II: Predisposing Risk Factors for the Ectopic Gestation Risk factors Number of Cases Percentage Previous abortion-spontaneous 14 20.
The usual clinical presentation is either infertility or recurrent ectopic gestations.
In our study, all cases of threatened abortion, missed abortion, incomplete abortion, Blighted ovum, Hydatidiform Mole, ectopic gestation, complete abortion and inevitable abortion were diagnosed correctly on ultrasound with an accuracy of 100%.
of cases Normal pregnancy 53 Marginal placenta previa 4 Hydramnios 1 Twin pregnancy 5 Incomplete abortion 16 Quadruplets 1 Anencephaly 1 Hydatidiform mole 2 Missed abortion 2 Ruptured ectopic gestation 2 Threatened abortion 3 Breech presentation 3 Intrauterine foetal death 3 Abdominal ectopic gestation 1 Right ovarian cyst 1 Oligohydramnios 1 Retroverted uterus 1 Total 100 50% of the cases were of normal pregnancy.
Ectopic gestation is a common cause of morbidity and occasionally of mortality in women of reproductive age.
1] In this case she underwent salpingectomy with opposite side tubectomy for previous ectopic gestation.
Various factors compared with respect to age, parity, risk factors for occurrence of ectopic like pelvic inflammatory disease/previous abortions/intrauterine contraceptive devices/previous ectopic, site of ectopic gestation, side, type (ruptured/tubal abortion), history of blood transfusion, any maternal morbidities/mortalities will be assessed and compared.
Cornual gestation is one of the most hazardous type of ectopic gestation which may often require hysterectomy.
Ultrasound scanning revealed right adnexal live ectopic gestation of 8.
Caesarean Scar Pregnancy (CSP) also known as scar ectopic is the rarest form of all ectopic gestations.
During the study period, a total of 16552 deliveries and 123 ectopic gestations recorded.