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abnormal position of a part or organ (especially at the time of birth)

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Bihar's miracle baby, born to Vibha Devi and her labourer husband from Parihar village of Sitamarhi district near Muzaffarpur, was born with a defect called ectopia cordis.
Longitudinal assessment of L-T4 therapy for congenital hypothyroidism: differences between athyreosis vs ectopia and delayed vs normal bone age.
Identification of FBN1 gene mutations in patients with ectopia lentis and marfanoid habitus.
A voluntary organisation later announced it would adopt the child suffering from a rare congenital defect called ectopia cordis, in which the heart is abnormally located.
However, the occurrence is notably rare, far less frequent than ectopia of the pancreas or spleen.
The clinician would be wise to monitor the eruption of permanent successors beneath ankylosed primary teeth to ensure that there is no ectopia or tilting of adjacent teeth as described by Becker et al.
His mother, Chandra, discovered her unborn baby had ectopia cordis - - his heart was outside his chest - - when she was four months pregnant, according to the Sun-Times.
Joella suffered a rare medical condition called exomphallus ectopia vesicae and hemi- bladder and underwent dozens of operations.
A lingual thyroid is the most common form of thyroid ectopia, representing 90% of all cases.
Audrina, who was born with her heart outside her chest, a very rare diagnosis known as ectopia cordis, is currently recovering at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.
From similar perches on the seacoast of Ectopia (respectively the Redwoods and British Columbia), Pynchon and Gibson have written comic utopian novels that unabashedly defend the dream of the Commune.
Renal anomalies, including agenesis, dysplasia, hypoplasia, ectopia, polycystic kidney, and horseshoe kidney, have been reported in SIT.
In regard to the aforementioned syndrome patients we have to note that they presented with a variety of the expected typical characteristics, more specifically MVP, arachnodactyly, muscular atrophy and ectopia lentis for the Marfan patients, and MVP skin and joint hyperextensibility (8), ectopia lentis and highgraded myopia for the Ehlers-Danlos patients.
Testicular ectopia is uncommon and the most frequent ectopic location of testis are superficial inguinal pouch, infront and lateral to the external inguinal ring and very rarely in the abdomen (3).
Typically, a common sheath reimplantation, HNU or upper tract reconstruction seems to be the treatment of choice for ectopia.