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Synonyms for ectoparasite

any external parasitic organism (as fleas)

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However, it is possible that some ectoparasite species were not sampled by the collecting technique used in the present study or that ectoparasites are more diverse during other seasons.
The deer ked, Lipoptena cervi (Insecta, Diptera, Hippoboscidae) is a widely distributed, blood-sucking, reddish-brown, dorsoventrally flattened ectoparasite that occurs on Old and New World members of the Cervidae.
According to Whiteman & Parker (2004), there is a positive relationship between ectoparasite infestation intensity and host density.
Bill deformities may also prevent the bird having a defense against ectoparasites (Clayton et al.
Our observation represents the first geographical record of this ectoparasite for Panamanian dogs.
The effect of host density on ectoparasite distribution: an example of a rodent parasitized by fleas.
Our goal is to determine whether there are correlations between varying degrees of AMD and ectoparasite populations of a common, pollution tolerant fish, Semotilus atromaculatus.
Experiments performed with Haematobia irritans, the most important ectoparasite of cattle in certain countries showed that subspecies H.
Host nests are the key habitat for ectoparasite species that live and reproduce within the nest material.
This patent covers an apparatus to collect ectoparasite saliva proteins and a means to collect such proteins.
Cat owners should be encouraged to ensure that their pets receive routine Veterinary health care that includes periodic physical examinations to prevent or detect ectoparasite infestations and to maintain current vaccinations against other zoonotic diseases (i.
capitis, the head louse, is an insect of the order Anoplura and is an ectoparasite thats only host is humans.