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a person with a thin body

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Younger ectomorphs can suffer from "skinny fat" - they look great with their clothes on but awful when naked as they have very little muscle mass.
Accomplished long-distance runners and basketball players are often ectomorphs.
In order to get the ideal body size the ectomorphs and endomorphs tend to experience more stress.
Of the six ectomorphs I interviewed, three men adopted the reliance pattern, two of whom are currently engaged in routine bodywork practices aimed at building a muscular body.
So a couple of the flat-stomached Type A ectomorphs who walk around in circles all day in the West Wing exchanging snappy Shakespearean repartee came up with a stealth weapon for the war on fat: Money.
Rob Harris from Fitness First health club, Bromborough, says: ``It is generally accepted that there are three body types, known as ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.
Ectomorphs are built for endurance sports which require stamina building.