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Antonyms for ectomorphic

having a build with little fat or muscle but with long limbs

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In addition, overweight and ectomorphic males were less likely to commit violent acts, less likely to date and less likely to engage in sexual relations than those of average weight.
An overwhelming majority of males reported favoring a mesomorphic physique over an ectomorphic physique, as a muscular physique was seen as a symbolic embodiment of masculinity and a masculine personality.
The tool portrayed male images from ectomorphic bodies to endomorphic bodies.
THE Ectomorphic body type can be recognised by a small bone structure.
In addition, endomorphic and ectomorphic body types, which are common among dependant individuals, contribute to low energy thresholds and a lack of vigor, eliciting heightened concern and care from caretakers.
We do know that the preference in society is toward mesomorphic (muscular) males, and there is an aversion toward endomorphic (fat) and ectomorphic (thin) males (Weinke, 1998).
Endomorphic and ectomorphic characters in Pelecyphora and Encephalocarpus.