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of or relating to the ectoderm


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Dermoid cystic tumors arise from the inclusion of ectodermally committed cells at the time of neural tube closure during the third to fifth week of embryogenesis.
As development progresses, the second branchial arch proliferates caudally and encloses the second, third, and fourth branchial clefts creating an ectodermally lined cavity, the cervical sinus.
A second layer of pseudostratified epithelium developed from mesenchymal cells along the basal lamina of the ectodermally derived pseudostratified epithelium.
4) Work developed a two-category classification system proposing that type 1 FBCAs comprise ectodermally lined cysts and are EAC reduplication phenomena, while type 2 FBCAs are ecto- and mesodermally derived and extend well beyond the periauricular region to the angle of the mandible, often involving the parapharyngeal space.
The papilloma is derived from the schneiderian membrane, which is the ectodermally derived mucosa that lines the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
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