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the outer germ layer that develops into skin and nervous tissue

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The maximum ectodermal thickness (height) was determined using the linear micrometer along a line which passed through the thickest portion of the apical ectoderm (including periderm) and was normal to the line tangential to the base of the ectoderm.
That's the division of new cells into the endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm layers essential to give rise to all organs and tissues in the body.
We are going to see that the gut and other internal organs like the liver, pancreas, heart, lung, bladder, and kidney are made from the same embryonic tissue as the endoderm that also keeps a link with the nervous system and brain that comes from the ectoderm.
1964), invagination of isolated islands of surface ectoderm capable of developing into skin and adnexa and abnormal differentiation of mesoderm lying between optic cup and surface ectoderm (Barkyoumb and Leipold, 1984).
Epidermoid cysts are sequestration cysts that form by proliferation of epidermal cells that arise from the ectoderm within an unusual location within the thymus [2].
Teratoma is composed of plural germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm [2].
IP is a rare genodermatosis characterized by abnormalities of the tissues and organs derived from the ectoderm and neuroectoderm.
Commonly, cnidaria are considered diploblastic animals, with a cellular ectoderm and endoderm (gastroderm) separated by an acellular mesoglea (Brusca and Brusca, 2003).
As the jaw develops, the ectoderm guides patterning into the mesenchyme (3) involving an antagonistic action between a signal of bone morphogenic proteins (BMP-4) and fibroblast growth factor-8 (FGF8) (3,4).
At the limb initiation stage, limb buds are formed from the lateral plate mesoderm while apical ectoderm ridge (AER) is formed by early limb mesoderm growth1.
Objective: Mesoderm, the embryonic germ layer between ectoderm and endoderm, gives rise to major organs within the circulatory and excretory systems and to stabilizing tissues (muscles, bones, connective tissue).
Rodriguez-Leyva said, because neurons and epidermal cells arise from the same fetal lamina--the ectoderm.
MSCs are cells with high in vitro self renewal capacity and ability to differentiate into multiple mesoderm ectoderm and endoderm lineages.
Metaplasia of the mesenchyme of the mostly neural ectoderm resulting in abnormal differentiation of the surface ectoderm has been proposed as the most likely mechanism (Cook 1999).
Histologically all of the mature teratomas consisted of tissues derived from ectoderm and mesoderm.