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Synonyms for ecstatically

in an ecstatic manner

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You see, Miss Denison," I continued ecstatically, "our rough old diamond of a skipper is the right man in the right place after all.
Suddenly the right phrase or the penetrating point of view would suggest itself, and she would drop her duster and write ecstatically for a few breathless moments; and then the mood would pass away, and the duster would be sought for, and the old books polished again.
Next comes Nibs, the gay and debonair, followed by Slightly, who cuts whistles out of the trees and dances ecstatically to his own tunes.
But even when she had seen the boat and exclaimed ecstatically over its loveliness, she still talked tremblingly about her mother.
Now you go into the parlor, and I'll send `em down to you," with which somewhat involved reply Hannah vanished, chuckling ecstatically.
cried Magdalen, her clear young voice ringing through the conservatory like a bell; her loose sleeves falling back and showing her round white arms to the dimpled elbows, as she clapped her hands ecstatically in the air.
Kikkan Randall and Jessica Diggins celebrated ecstatically as they edged Sweden by 0.
Have you seen the newest TVC of Anne Curtis where she's joyfully, ecstatically, and energetically enjoying the many fun things to see and do at CityMall?
Agrainy video of a large lion running towards two long-haired men before leaping up and hugging them ecstatically went viral almost 40 years after it was filmed in Africa.
Few can have taken greater pleasure in England's win than Connor - both as a driving-force administrator and a former player, ranking the experience alongside her own most memorable achievement of regaining the Ashes in 2005 after 42 years of Australian supremacy "I found yesterday Anya Shrubsole ecstatically overwhelming," she said.
But he couldn't resist running through to wake me up and ecstatically inform me Ken had become world champion against all odds.
Yusuf Reza Gilani and informed him about the good news and that he was ecstatically delighted as expected and grateful of President Ashraf Ghani's personal attention to his son's safe release.
Kamlesh Dubey ecstatically qsaid, "Being as an independent & full-service digital marketing agency, we are celebrating another year of success with you all.
7 percent--good, albeit nothing to celebrate ecstatically.
ON TOUR In Nora Chipaumire's dark swan, dancer/vocalist Tendayi Kuumba sings, jabbers, growls, howls, screeches and moans ecstatically, jumbling up pleasure and pain in the most outrageous way.