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Synonyms for ecrevisse

tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled briefly

small crayfish of Europe and Asia and western North America

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The name for the lobsterlike creature derives from the French ecrevisse.
Ce qui est bien avec le coup de soleil c'est qu'on sait quand il est la, notre peau devient rouge, on a tendance a ressembler a une ecrevisse ebouillantee.
Then there's crab meat from Canada, scallops, mussel meat, baby clams, ecrevisse, lobster tails, squid, seafood cocktails and seafood brochette.
Among them was Calamari Crisps from Ecrevisse Acadienne USA (Fax: 504-529-7501) under the Acadian Gourmet label.
Some illustrations in Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabes, de Diverses Couleurs et Figures Extraordinaires, like this one, include fish with imaginative patterns and strange, un-fishlike expressions.
Here, we rambled over a few of its 200 miles of hiking trails, checked out waterfalls, and headed to La Cascade aux Ecrevisses (waterfall of the crayfish) for the cooling dip I mentioned earlier.
Casino, in its Casino Delices line, offers Cassolettes de Noix de Saint Jacques au Foie Gras (scallops with foie gras) and Cassolettes ecrevisses et epinards (prawns and spinach).
Le chef de l'association des pecheurs a Al-Saloum, Mahmoud El-Atriss, a confirme que ce genre de poissons, appeles ecrevisses, apparaissait toute l'annee et utilisait le poison, qui se trouve dans des parties de son corps, pour se defendre.
On our stay we were treated to a threecourse lunch that confirms the restaurant as world class: vol-au-vent de volaille et ecrevisses (mushroom and crayfish vol-au-vent) was followed by a truly mouth-watering cochon fermier cuisine de la tete aux pieds (roast pig, head-to-toe).