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tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature

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Los representantes de Ecotours Malarrimo, la empresa turistica mas importante en la REBIVI, y de la asociacion civil influyente Union Protectora Turistica de la Biosfera Vizcaino (que representa los intereses de varias empresas turisticas establecidas) manifestaron su desacuerdo al respecto.
Ziptrek Ecotours are an exciting combination of education and adventure," said our instructor-guide from Argentina who also talked about the company's commitment towards sustainable development and ecological responsibility.
Founded in 2001 in Whistler, Canada, and operating in Queenstown since the end of 2009, Ziptrek Ecotours is an eco-tourism company with a firm grip hand on business concepts and a heart tilted towards the environment.
Additional participants include VI Ecotours and Island Style Weddings, which are offering a discount on Elopement packages.
There are several well prepared ecotours with visits to protected areas of the Far East, most of them were developed by NGOs.
Particular highlights include the country's capital, Georgetown, which is rapidly becoming known as a city that fizzes with joie de vivre and for its distinctive colonial architecture and burgeoning restaurant scene; as well as ecotours of the country's interior, which provides a stunning geographical smorgasboard of dense rainforest, savannah and mountainous terrain.
Certainly, ecotours can be entertaining and fun for those who have selected an activity that is usually recreational (hiking, biking, kayaking, bird-watching, etc.
She said there is no fear that the experience will jeopardize future WWF ecotours.
Ozark Ecotours Introduces visitors to the wild side of northwest Arkansas.
Hire can be arranged either on an independent basis or as part of a guided tour through a local company such as Ecotours (www.
Many companies offer costly ecotours, but Solimar is one of the few featuring customized trips for a range of budgets.
Sierra Gorda Ecotours wants to be part of the solution.
I'd also consider changing the company name to something like Kona Ecotours.
In fact, this book is useful reading for those who may not have the background, time, or resources to join an expedition, but who simply enjoy wilderness experiences or ecotours for recreational purposes.