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tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature

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If ecotourism were to take off, the need for drinks, food, fruits and souvenirs will arise due to the arrivals of ecotourists.
He said that if the island was to be developed for ecotourists then an in-depth scientific environmental study was needed.
Visitors to game reserves, hunters and ecotourists travelling during late summer months appear to be at heightened risk.
While businesses like Finca Magdalena on Isla de Ometepe and family-run homestays we enjoyed in Miraflor target ecotourists in the small-business tradition common to many enterprises in Nicaragua (Arghiris and Leonardi 2008, Berman and Wood 2008), others pursue a distinctly different vision.
People may protect their natural heritage more if ecotourists value it, but these visitors will come only if the destination is worthwhile and the experience is comfortable and enjoyable.
Similar findings are noted by Bi (2005) in applying the ecotourism opportunity spectrum (EGOS) to China and Taiwan ecotourists as well (Kerstetter et al 2008).
The existence of a large cultural diversity is another important characteristic that can attracts ecotourists to Iran.
Ecotourism aspires to match a transformative tourist experience with environmental or socially responsible behavior--illustrated by donations made by most ecotourists to local schools, health clinics, or conservation groups at the end of their visit.
It's an experience shared by thousands of ecotourists, boat owners and divers worldwide, who are taking part in Brad's global project to study and protect the world's largest fish in what may well be the world's largest 'citizen science' project.
The condition of pandas briefly took a back seat in the minds of WWF officials, however, because 12 American ecotourists and two Chinese volunteers were in the area during the quake.
Voted as 'Destination of the Year 2008' by renowned Vogue magazine, a Conde Nast publication, Oman's diverse landscape and rich culture attract a consistent stream of ecotourists.
For ecotourists, the telecentre also serves Uganda's artisan coffees and sells crafts made by local groups.
Now it is attracting everyone from backpackers to ecotourists who are taking a walk on the wild side.
Personal interviews and a focus group were conducted with the other research ecotourists.