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tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature

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The Long term environmental strategic management in this research consists of increasing recreational places for ecotourists, increasing the environmental viewpoints and amazing areas, planning of environmental long term strategies with attention towards occupation of local people, and increasing their life standards.
Moreover with the aims of targeting the knowledge ecotourists, Tasik Chini will therefore help reduce of improper uses of resources and surrounding habitats.
Developing this ecotourist potential will have to be done with great care.
As for the second case, Killington: Is skiing or other recreation an ecotourist activity?
An effort is underway to identify "Out Island" sites where ecotourist facilities might be developed.
The main purpose of the ecotourist in sustainable ecotourism is to know culture, historical records, and natural representations of the region to create money-making opportunities for the region and spend a part of the sustainable ecotourism incomes to protect the natural resources [9,18].
Based on the analysis of the ecotourism resources and ecotourist market, the need for planning the redevelopment of niche ecotourism is highly needed.
Wadi El Gemal National Park is introduced as one of Egypt's main ecotourist attractions along the Red Sea coast.
Similarly the ecotourist may be equally diverse in definition however, the motivational or psycho-social traits are becoming more important in ecotourist typologies (Nowaczek, Smale 2010).
The troops of General Maximo Blanco, who fought the battle of La Trinchera in 1860, got from shore to shore with something just like a canopy tour, says former Costa Rican President Rodrigo Carazo, who set up his own treetop expedition in his ecotourist reserve Villa Blanca two years ago.
We are currently developing Trinidad and Tobago as an ecotourist destination," says Cliff Hamilton, tourism director at Trinidad and Tobago Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO).
Given the importance of Jamaica's environment to the economy, there may also be opportunities in the area of environmental and ecotourist technology;
Only an hour's drive west of Accra, one can visit the Shai Wildlife Reserve - an easy day-trip to initiate the first-time ecotourist.
Besides questioning the extent of local involvement, ecotourism specialist Boo mentions other issues for an ecotourist to consider: