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tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature

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As a general rule, you should not be touching animals at an ecotourist attraction.
Ecotourist enterprises intermingle signs such as "Welcome to Cayaba: Home of the Rare Seal Monk" with mermaid images "exotically brown but not too dark," expensive "boo-teeks," and a "Tourist Entrapment Zone" where imported reggae contends with the island's indigenous tumpa music and tourists put on their best Hollywood Jamaican accent (222-223).
I personally participated as both a fulltime volunteer (someone who volunteers their time on a daily basis, for a comparable amount of time per week as a person in fulltime employment in conservation) and a research ecotourist (someone who pays for the opportunity to volunteer as part of a conservation research team, is involved for a shorter period of time, and usually as a holiday opportunity).
travelers had taken at least one ecotourist holiday, and by 1994, 77 percent had taken a trip involving nature and the outdoors.
What in the world could an American Ecotourist teach a Mongolian?
It features a pastiche of family-run operations that are often seen as mutually exclusive: a cattle ranch and a primary tropical forest; a scientific research base and ecotourist lodge; a fruit plantation and fledgling conservation center.
If I were an ecotourist choosing an operator, most likely I'd go on the basis of how pretty the pictures were.
During the interview in her Guatemala City office, Monterroso described the typical ecotourist as affluent, well-educated and genuinely concerned about preservation of the great variety of plants, animals and habitats in Central America, as well as the region's archaeological sites and indigenous cultures.
This is not a "Best Of" list--there are far too many wonderful places for that--but simply a listing of ecotourist operations that are making outstanding efforts to leave a smaller footprint and ensure protected areas remain secure.
Be an activist--traveling the world as a dedicated ecotourist is not a spectator sport.
The islands are naturally rich in beauty and lures for the ecotourist, but rapid growth threatens the developing industry.
For the ecotourist, there is the exhilaration of seeing this brilliant creature free in the forest, knowing that one's presence supports the tamarin's continued existence.
According to Guatemala's Minister of Culture, ecotourist traffic has kept away poachers, illegal wood harvesters and burners, and drug-runners with secret air strips in the north jungle.
While the ecotourist writers appear to be attempting to represent a "spiritual experience", however, their discourse is totalising in its neglect of the writer's, or animal's, historical and cultural location, and in the foregrounding of the atemporal, utopian space which the animals inhabit.
One can argue that Jack London was an ecotourist and John Muir certainly was the granddaddy of Alaska's ecotravelers, but many of Alaska's ecotourism companies that are still operating today started in the 1970s.