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violence carried out to further the political or social objectives of the environmentalists

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Yelin, "Civil Liberties: The Line Dividing Environmental Protest and Ecoterrorists," Journal for the Study of Radicalism, vol.
The university does itself a real disservice by promoting these radical environmentalists like Rosebraugh and his ecoterrorist group, the ELF.
participation in the Kyoto Protocol, the toxic Texan has buttressed his reputation as a ruthless ecoterrorist with a truly global reach.
Luke Bracey, in Keanu's part, plays a trainee FBI agent sent to infiltrate a gang of ecoterrorists, headed by Edgar Ramirez, standing in for Swayze.
A good example arose in March 2014 when New Zealand officials revealed that ecoterrorists had threatened to contaminate infant formula from New Zealand with a rodenticide known as compound 1080.
148) The actions of ecoterrorists seek to coerce enactment of specific policies or actions related to environmental protection through acts of violence and intimidation.
25 and 64) An oil-pipeline explosion in Backstrom's childhood hometown looks to be the work of ecoterrorists, and brings back his estranged father, Sheriff Blue Backstrom, to assist in the investigation.
Unfortunately there are ecoterrorists who object to the power such a park requires--and when one of them is killed trying to chain-saw power lines, the other is indicted for murder when he guns down a cop trying to stop his flight.
As highlighted elsewhere in this report, many animal rights extremists and ecoterrorists claim to avoid violent acts that directly target people.
Ecoterrorists target dams because they are large projects that symbolize man's arrogance and greed by dramatically altering "nature's course" to fulfill his selfish needs.
Flanagan identified five potential sources of opposition: individual saboteurs, eco-terrorists, mainstream environmentalists, First Nations, and the Metis people; he concluded that Treaty 8 First Nations and ecoterrorists were the highest potential of trouble classifying both as "medium" risk.
We aren't ecoterrorists, and we do not advocate property damage or anything like that," he said.
Organizations such as Sri Lankan Tamils, South American revolutionaries, Basque separatists, US ecoterrorists, and far-right antigovernment extremists are discussed, as well as al-Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists.
More than 100 years later, the security chief of the DeBeers Company, the beautiful Sloane McIntyre, is searching for it in coastal waters, but the quest is attracting the attention of ecoterrorists.
A chapter on domestic terrorism focuses on radical left-wing groups such as ecoterrorists, animal rights extremists, and antiglobalism activists.