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violence carried out to further the political or social objectives of the environmentalists

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The Threat of Ecoterrorism refers to extremism in the animal rights and environmental movements, typically involving damage to the operations of companies or terrorizing executives and employees of companies.
But, way ahead of Greenpeace and ecoterrorism, these painters made the case for nature--never knowing that their paintings would lead to maddening exploitation, as people took inspiration from their work to transform nature into the most successful marketing tool of the tourism industry, with unavoidable polluting effects.
xii) The author does not come down on the side of most animal rights groups, however, calling Cleveland Amory, founder of the Fund for Animals, "an advocate of ecoterrorism.
Forest Service maintains a law enforcement and investigations (LED program to deter and protect resources against domestic ecoterrorism.
The study marks the launch of Britannica's revised 2004 DVD version, which includes new topics like Barbie, designer drugs, West Nile Virus, ecoterrorism and Gulf War Syndrome.
The template for most of the ecoterrorism bills comes from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a little-known, but influential, organization of" more than 2,400 conservative lawmakers.
During his rein of civil disobedience or ecoterrorism, depending on your point of view, The Fox plugged the sewage system of Armour-Dial Co.
The potential for attacks on our food and water supplies has prompted an awareness of ecoterrorism and of the importance of environmental communication that will certainly develop as a result.
Pera, who planned to kill all humans except those vaccinated members of their ecoterrorism group.
It may have been introduced via an infected human host, a bird that was transported by humans, a bird transported by storm, or possibly through intentional introduction, such as ecoterrorism.
Ecoterrorism or ecosabotage is any crime committed in the name of saving nature.
Activism is a loaded term, and is usually associated with illegal activities such as tree-spiking and ecoterrorism.
Ron Arnold, executive vice president for the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, calls all of it ecoterrorism, crimes committed to save nature.