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a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment

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To establish and nurture a healthy FinTech ecosystem in the GCC, a sustained collaboration is necessary between three key players which include governments, financial institutions and entrepreneurs - with each participant clearly understanding its role as well as the benefits it stands to gain from involvement.
Creating a module for mapping of ecosystems and ecosystem services include activities on creating a software environment for mapping ecosystem assessment of their condition and mapping of ecosystem services according to national methodologies developed by the Ministry.
Although some writers use the term interchangeably with other words, ecosystem carries a very different set of connotations and implications than network or cluster.
Two of the key issues hindering adoption of ecosystem services in watershed management include a lack of clear definition and a lack of methods available to quantify ecosystem services.
Nasdaq:ACRU), a provider of Internet analytics solutions, has announced its membership in the Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program.
Lessons drawn from People and Ecosystems suggest four basic tenets of an ecosystem approach:
He further challenged his fellow panelists to name any specifically ecological criterion by which scientists can objectively determine whether an ecosystem whose history they don't know has been invaded or not.
Dismayed to learn that the very packaging of the music I had just bought to soothe my savage breast was actually contributing to the ruthless destruction of the ecosystem, I tossed the CD into a corner and decided to go for a walk.
As no national park today is a complete ecosystem for all the species it contains, this policy can work only when each national park is expanded to its natural "ecosystem boundary.
Drawing on the experience of the authors, this book begins to define explicit design methods for integrating consideration of ecosystem processes and services into every facet of land use design, management, and policy.
Ecosystem services in agricultural and urban landscapes.
Both our urban and rural forests need better public policies to protect their ecosystem values for people.
Ecologists have long debated whether the number of predators--such as fish that feed on smaller creatures--at the top of the ecosystem's food web or the availability of nutrients at the bottom of the web more strongly influences the condition of ecosystems.
If sea otters disappear, it could forever change the coastal ocean ecosystem (interactions between a region's living and nonliving things).