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Synonyms for economize

cut back


  • cut back
  • save
  • save money
  • be sparing
  • cut costs
  • be economical
  • scrimp
  • scrimp and save
  • retrench
  • be frugal
  • make economies
  • cut expenditure
  • tighten your belt
  • be on a shoestring
  • draw in your horns
  • husband your resources


Synonyms for economize

to use without wasting

Synonyms for economize

use cautiously and frugally

spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

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Corresponding to Robbinsian economizing at the level of the individual, we have market general equilibrium.
We continue that tradition by examining the economic perspective on efficiency and then relating it to the strategy of economizing.
In fact, deregulation probably has enhanced the monetary aggregates as nominal anchors for policy over the long run, by diluting the incentives for financial innovation that would facilitate economizing on holdings of monetary assets.
Scavenger[TM] Coil and MTS[TM] Cooling: Refrigerant Side Economizing reduces the energy needed to cool the data center by reducing the energy from the refrigeration by up to 6000 hours a year.
Such workshops have become the focal point of officials in terms of ensuring saving and economizing on water and electricity resources provided to consumers in the GCC-member States and developing work in the relevant Electricity and Water organizations in terms of domestication of knowledge and benefitting from practical applications of various concepts.
Taxing the public and assuming the public can maintain ``its existing level of living'' shifts the economizing burden onto the taxpayer.
We help our clients by economizing everywhere except where it affects the tenant.
In our data center, we needed a high-performance solution robust enough to support our growth across all of our applications, and we wanted to make the best use of our server space while economizing on power and leveraging our SAN infrastructure," Sonney points out.
DWP officials had ignored their audit entirely for 14 months before Chick called them to order, and it's hard to imagine that a little embarrassment might have sparked a sudden interest in economizing where there never was one before.
A recent study conducted by the Corcoran Group, New York-based residential brokers, found that even the well-to-do are economizing by buying slightly smaller multi-million dollar apartments.
It's time for the mayor, chief and council to get down to work economizing on city spending to free up the funds needed to bolster the ranks of the LAPD with enough cops to properly patrol the city.
In addition to the Pigeon Forge Value Card, the tourism department offers other suggestions for economizing.
Felix didn't put up her normal eye-catching times, instead economizing her energy for today's state finals, also at Cerritos College at 4 p.
Combined, these solutions are solving the growing pains of global enterprises by extending, accelerating, securing and economizing their application networking infrastructure.