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You need some amount of unintelligent money in the pool," says Justin Wolfers, an economist at Stanford University.
Economist Conferences, a division of The Economist Group, is the leading organizer of face-to-face dialogue between government officials and senior executives.
In a paper that has gained wide attention (and caught serious flak) for challenging the conventional wisdom, economists Michele Boldrin and David K.
Echoing an argument originally made by trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati, Stiglitz says those who make economic policy generally interact with and are drawn from the financial community, and consequently are attuned to its interests and ideology.
A business should be driven by profit opportunities and frequently I think people start businesses because they have a desire either to have a business themselves or they have one or more broader social desires," says BE economist Darrell Williams.
The Economist Group was advised in the transaction by The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc.
com, part of The Economist Group, selected Kinecta Corporation to provide the infrastructure and services for its syndication network.
Only one economist expected the BOJ to tighten its monetary grip within one year.
Gunnar Myrdal, the great economist, railed against economists who were in favor of unidisciplinary models.
The business economist profession has a rich history of service, currently is experiencing far reaching changes, and faces challenging opportunities.
As an economist I am deeply devoted to the concept of comparative advantage.
Therefore, while a majority of economists support decriminalization, it remains unclear that being an economist per se has much impact on the choice between prohibition and legalization.
NEW YORK -- The Economist Group and Bloomberg have discovered that certain former CQ employees now employed by Bloomberg were able to use the log-ins and passwords supplied to them during their employment by CQ to continue to access such information while working for Bloomberg and allowed a small number of other Bloomberg employees to do so.
We economists are often painted as a confused bunch, particularly notorious for not giving people a definite answer; rather, we'd start talking of what would happen on one hand, then in the next breath say 'on the other hand'-hence the joke that the hardest thing to find is a one-handed economist.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 12, 2015-Pearson to sell 50% stake in the Economist Group for GBP469m