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Synonyms for economize

cut back


  • cut back
  • save
  • save money
  • be sparing
  • cut costs
  • be economical
  • scrimp
  • scrimp and save
  • retrench
  • be frugal
  • make economies
  • cut expenditure
  • tighten your belt
  • be on a shoestring
  • draw in your horns
  • husband your resources


Synonyms for economize

to use without wasting

Synonyms for economize

use cautiously and frugally

spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

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Shouldn't the AMs be economising, not wasting taxpayers' money on this unnecessary refurbishing and put this money into health, schools or the elderly.
If this was an attempt by the PM's PR team to look like any other economising working class guy, then we are far from convinced.
The supermodel's boyfriend Jamie Cullum said at a Nokia Comes With Music gig in London's Oxford Street: "I think I'll make my Christmas presents this year, because I'm economising.
Mums are economising with traditional home cooking - sending sales of cookware and ingredients through the roof.
But they lack nothing when it comes to creative economising.