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Synonyms for economize

cut back


  • cut back
  • save
  • save money
  • be sparing
  • cut costs
  • be economical
  • scrimp
  • scrimp and save
  • retrench
  • be frugal
  • make economies
  • cut expenditure
  • tighten your belt
  • be on a shoestring
  • draw in your horns
  • husband your resources


Synonyms for economize

to use without wasting

Synonyms for economize

use cautiously and frugally

spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

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The supermodel's boyfriend Jamie Cullum said at a Nokia Comes With Music gig in London's Oxford Street: "I think I'll make my Christmas presents this year, because I'm economising.
Mums are economising with traditional home cooking - sending sales of cookware and ingredients through the roof.
But they lack nothing when it comes to creative economising.