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a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste


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Neil English, managing director at ThermTech, which specialises in tailor-made economisers, explains: "Every application is unique in some way, so it is very important to carefully assess the existing boiler system and then design the most suitable economiser that can be easily retro-fitted.
The new Economiser, which can provide fuel savings of up to 5% and, in a typical installation, achieve payback in less than a year, further enhances Fulton's green credentials and those of its customers.
Beeton and Pham (2003) illustrated the advantages of the EVI technology, deeply discussed the economiser sizing and showed the performance of an R-404A unit at ARI standard low and medium temperatures.
He said: "The Economiser is an important new offering for consumers, enabling them to quickly and easily understand where they might have opportunities to make savings that can benefit them financially in a short period of time.
With the availability of a 100 percent outside air economiser cycle, the climate allows free cooling for approximately half of the year.
This would require the boiler pressure and steam temperature to be raised to something like 600psi/850[degrees]F (40bar/450[degrees]C), by using a watertube firebox and crossflow superheater in conjunction with a shorter boiler evaporative section and a front economiser.
The Economiser lubricant dispensing system for near dry machining and controlled volume lubrication will deliver any lubricant with a viscosity that will gravity flow.
Tenders are invited for the supply of economiser coil with supports
En tout cas le moins qu'on puisse dire est que Fillon n'a pas fait dans la dentelle en declarant qu'il n'arrive pas a economiser, alors qu'il touche un peu plus de 22.
Les 6 [beaucoup moins que]marches de la dignite[beaucoup plus grand que], lancees a l'appel des organisations citoyennes et professionnelles, ont mobilise des dizaines de milliers de personnes ralliant, par colonnes entieres, la capitale pour crier leur refus de l'austerite, du chomage (6 millions) et du plan de rigueur visant a economiser 150 milliards d'euros sur 3 ans.
L'ajustement des taux minimums et des plafonds des salaires contribuerait d'une facon ou d'une autre a economiser pres de 1,2 milliard de LE en plus de 2 milliards de LE epargnes a travers la rationalisation des depenses, a revele le ministre.
The ESM4000, fitted with a high efficiency economiser and fired on natural gas, was the ideal solution for Amfin due to its combination of safety, efficiency and compact size, the latter being a particular issue due to the relatively small size of the boilerhouse, Paul Bennett, managing director of Amfin, explains: "we had been using thermal fluid heaters in the previous plant, but with the purchase of a new factory it provided the opportunity for change.
Added together, these properties make the AlfaNova[TM] ideal for refrigeration and other duties involving ammonia or where copper or nickel contamination is unacceptable including use as an evaporator, economiser and in absorption systems.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of economiser module of hrsg #2 and associated jobs at tps area of mathura refinery.
Le CRDA appelle les exploitants agricoles a economiser l'eau d'irrigation en raison de la baisse du niveau d'eau dans le barrage de Sidi Salem.