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the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else

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In other words, these are taxable profits because they represent economic value for individual owners.
A report from McKinsey has indicated that one in three Chinese banks fail to create economic value.
In recent decades, population growth, industrialization, and economic development increased the public demands on forest resources, especially on wood based forest products, which represent the highest proportion in total economic value of forest resources in Turkey (Pak et al.
The study, a reporting of total economic value, clearly demonstrates the publics shared perception of the incredible benefits of national parks and programs, whether they personally visit parks or not.
This marketing strategy has the salutary effect of creating additional economic value not only for the firm but also for the less economically endowed members of our society, the so-called bottom of the pyramid.
9 billion, the private sector would have an economic value of $3.
Consistent economic value creation and consistent above market growth.
DeVoe and Pfeffer (2011) found that, whether from the perspective of opportunity cost or from the value heuristic effect, feelings of time pressure were directly proportional to the economic value of time.
However, few studies focused on the economic value of implementing a nursing model.
The added economic value is, from the commercial point of view, one of the most successful indicators that measure the financial performance of companies in terms of creating value.
In the FF environment, potential activism by certain members of the GFF not directly involved in managerial decisions can have a major impact on the firm's capacity for economic value creation and its debt policy.
The measure "Improvement of the economic value of forests" received a budget of 535 million for the period 2007-2013.
The Economic Value Added (EVA[TM]) model can be traced back to the seminal work of Stewart (1991).
While it is far from certain whether [section] 363(f)(3) requires a price "greater than the aggregate [face value] of all liens on the property "--the face value approach--or a price that is "greater than aggregate [economic value] of all liens on the property"--the economic value approach, this Note argues that, properly understood, both approaches should lead to the same result.
Statistics published in The Economic Value of Sport in England showed that the sports sector brought in a staggering pounds 1.