economic value

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the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else

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Underlying the analysis is the assumption that the value most useful to bankers, investors, and bank supervisors is the economic value of loans as of the balance-sheet date.
The economic value of goods and services from the world s coastal ecosystems by some estimates is around USD25 Trillion annually.
Embedded guarantees and options may be considered more costly as their true economic value is uncovered and long-tailed casualty liabilities may be viewed differently once effects of discounting are balanced against adjustments for risk and uncertainties.
Trees not only represent a healthy landscape in our city, but they also have an enormous economic value.
Stewart: While there a large number of changes, I have grouped into 10 areas those that I see as key for moving away from the lender perspective and toward the shareholder and true economic value.
As healthcare payers push for better and better economic value from healthcare providers, every step of every healthcare value chain leading to final customer satisfaction is under cost and service pressure.
Inadequate attention has been given to productivity and innovation, and, if the economic value of the health care system is to improve, both deserve close scrutiny and increased implementation.
On the basis of this practice, Ron Weiner developed a standard "costing" system that adjusts for the economic value of owners' labor, as shown below.
Ghose's research will identify and measure the economic value of online information and contribute to an understanding of the economic impact of new kinds of information content on the Internet.
The solution, it turned out, lay in thinking about the problem in an entirely different way--by discarding GAAP accounting as a framework for understanding the business and instead adopting an economic value approach.
the New York firm renowned for its economic value added (EVA) metric, says it is supporting iVita in the launch.
Currently research is moving its focus to the economic value of relationship based managing.
Total quantity or scope: Total economic value alleged Lot 1 6,740,000 excluding VAT for the period.
Nasdaq: HAUL) today reported the Company has adopted a more formalized approach to measuring value creation, the Economic Value Added or EVA framework.
In his book, EVA: The Real Key to Creating Wealth, Al Ehrbar acknowledges that in its simplest form economic value is the notion that returns should be large enough to compensate for risk including the capital charge for all committed funds, both debt and equity.